Ngare Ndare Forest Rock Climbing

The climbing in the Ngare Ndare forest is perfectly suited to any novice or intermediate climber. This site offers a great chance to familiarize one’s self with the basic techniques of safe climbing in a top rope situation, with an awesome view of the Lewa conservancy.


– Trip duration: Half day or Full day?

– Longest climb: 20 meters

– Minimum age: 7 Years Old.

– Equipment: we provide you with specialty climbing gear

– Transport: We can provide transport on request.

– Experience Required: None, but a reasonable level of fitness

Trip description

A climbing session, depending on the duration, typically begins with an introduction to equipment and the general concept of top rope climbing. Once the technique of belaying and basic knot tying as been accomplished you will then begin climbing. There are a number of different routes at this site which vary in difficulty, which makes for ideal learning conditions.


Get in touch for details.

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