Ngare Ndare Forest Canyoning

The Ngare Ndare Forest is a lush indigenous forest at the foothills of Mt. Kenya. Azure pools glisten at the bottom of waterfalls and 200 year old trees stretch into the canopy supporting a rich variety of bird and animal life. The forest is a vital corridor that links the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy to Mount Kenya, and one which elephants have been using for centuries.


There are a number of streams that make up the core of the forests life line, one of which offers a fantastic canyoning experience. Canyoning down this valley offers a great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this forest. A day out canyoning with an African Ascents guide will involve a number of waterfall jumps, slides and abseils.

Trip Time:

The half day trip starts at 9am and should end at about 2pm.


– Trip duration: approximately 4 hours of canyoning from approach, descent, and return

– Biggest Rappel: 20 meters

– Minimum Age: 12 Years Old

– Equipment: we provide you with specialty canyoning gear

– Transport: We can provide transport on request.

– Experience Required: None, but a reasonable level of fitness and the ability to swim

Trip Description

Ngare Ndare forest is a 20 minute drive from Timau town. The main car park above the blue pools is where you meet an Africa Ascents qualified guide. Who will brief the group on the trip, and where you will grab your gear. You then walk approximately 5 minutes to the practice pool.

Once every one is kitted out you will begin the canyon and your adventure with a waterfall practice jump. As you progress with your jumps, you will then walk up to the head of the valley where the spring is. This will be your first jump followed by three more jumps and a number of slides and rappels.

Between jumps you will have some time to absorb the beauty around you, walking through the canyon and enjoying the scenery with the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful sounds and smells of the forest is breath taking.

As the trip comes to an end, you finish with a five – ten minute hike out the valley where you will meet the vehicle to transfer you onto you next destination.


This is an introductory canyon, no previous canyoning or related experience is required. Reasonable fitness is a must. Swimming experience is necessary, you will get wet!

Cost per person: –

Get in touch for details.

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