Fishing on the Coast

The Kenya Coast is some of the best fishing in the world, the different seasons and tropical waters provide the perfect feeding grounds for Marlin, Sailfish and Tuna, amongst others. You can get offshore on a purpose built deep sea fishing boat skippered by experienced and qualified guides, or, get out on one of our sea kayaks and fish from a remote beach or directly off the back of the kayak. Our small yacht ‘Sala’ is also an idyllic way to get around, enjoy the coast line and do some leisurely fishing.

Deep sea fishing – The boat is manned with a small crew to help set up and manage all the rigs so you can relax when you need to. It is a beautiful yet thrilling experience when you land your first Sailfish after a 30 minute battle, at some times of year boats have been known to come in having landed as many as 15 Sailfish amongst others. All deep sea fishing has regulations which we adhere to. The tight tag and release scheme sees all bill fish and sharks returned to the water.

Sea Kayak – Pack up your kayak and paddle away up the tropical coastline under the guidance of your fishing guide, you can find some beautiful fishing spots on the edge of sand spits or remote beaches. Absolute peace and solitude, we will bring a BBQ should you catch well, combined with fresh coconuts from the beach.

Sala – Our 21 ft yacht can fit up to 5, not including the skipper. She is a beautiful boat and when the sails are up is a joy to be aboard. She provides access to some great fishing spots and some remote beaches for great picnics, BBQ’s, and snorkelling.

Fishing on the Coast is a great addition to any itinerary in Kenya. Be it a full on fishing safari of Kenya incorporating Mt Kenya and the Kenya coast, or as a way to relax after a 6 day expedition on Mt Kenya or Kilimanjaro. We can tailor make the itinerary to suit you.


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