The Aberdares is a Mountain Range in a National Park run by the Kenya Wildlife Service, the environment is very similar to that of Mt Kenya, but is has a larger area of Forest. It is this forest that contains large numbers of Elephant and Buffalo, as well as many other species. The Mountain is the second highest in the area after Mt Kenya; it is divided into zones like Mt Kenya, Montane Forest, Bamboo, and Moorland. It is the top end of the forest and in the moorland that we can enjoy some fly fishing.

The fly fishing is set in some amazing valleys with beautiful waterfalls and crystal clear pools. Rainbow and Brown trout are there in varying sizes from 1.5 lb to 3 lb. Stealth and skill are required as you will need to sneak up on the small pools and make a first time good cast in attempt to catch one of the skittish fish.

The Aberdares is best enjoyed as part of a fly fishing safari that incorporates other areas in the region.

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