2 Day ‘Solid Rock’ Progression Rock Climbing Course

This 2 day Rock climbing course is designed as a natural progression from our ‘Ready to Rock’ course. By the end of the 2 days out on real rock faces or crags you will be considered a competent second, meaning you will be able to follow a lead climber. You will have an understanding of traditional climbing equipment, anchor selection, and belay techniques. Ultimately you will be a safe climber on or around the crag.

It is important that all participants have some climbing experience, has completed our ‘Ready to Rock’ course or has indoor climbing experience and is looking to build on these skills.

Venue selection is between Hells Gate National Park and Lukenya, depending on which area is most convenient for the group. We tend to favour Lukenya for its good single pitch crags and connection to the Mountain Club of Kenya (MCK).

Areas Covered

  • Traditional Equipment
  • Anchor selection and construction
  • Safety at the top of the crag using the anchor
  • Top and Bottom rope set up
  • All belay techniques
  • Abseil set up
  • Climbing

Equipment list

  • Sun hat
  • Sun cream
  • Sports clothing and footwear
  • Day sack
  • Drinks bottle
  • Waterproofs

Please feel free to bring along any climbing equipment you may have already.


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