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Tilson Family – Highs and Lows on Mt Kenya

Written by Tom Gregory Tuesday, January 31st, 2017 Posted in News

The Tilson Family get together over the festive season every year and do a trip, in December 2016 African Ascents hosted them on Mt Kenya.

With limited time to run the trip the Tilson opted that they would like to get to one of Mt Kenya’s most stunning locations, this is Lake Michelson on the Chogoria Route. The Lake is hidden at the top of the Gorges Valley surrounded by cliffs on 3 sides it makes for a fantastic location to spend the night. The group arrived on Day 1 at the Chogoria Bandas, this was set as base camp. Day 2 was the big day, a huge trek, 15.8km from 3,100m asl to 4,100m asl. The total trekking time was 8 hrs 50 mins. Many in the group were young and this was probably the biggest thing they had ever done. With lots of kicking and screaming everyone made it.

After a restless night the group woke up to the stunning views over the Lake, it is truly one of the most amazing sun rises to wake up to. However in the night Whitney Tilson, an experienced mountaineer, ultra marathon runner and Tough Mudder departed for the summit of Point Lenana. This was a tough ask for any fit individual, not to mention someone fresh out for the States. He made the Summit for sunrise which is an amazing feat.

Day 3 saw the group slowly return to the Bandas for some home comforts, whilst many of the group appeared to not be enjoying themselves on the way up, they certainly did enjoy themselves on the way down. It turns out that the girls have great singing voices.

All in all what an achievement by this wonderful family. This is however a lot of altitude and a big distance for a group to covering in a Day.