Kenya can be considered the best safari location in the world with so many areas of outstanding natural beauty. From the Masaai Mara on the northern tip of the Serengeti, to the dry Samburu National Park, or the lush grasslands of Laikipia, not to mention the grand rainforests around Mt Kenya. We have the most diverse wildlife and birdlife in Africa plus a wide assortment of plant and insects. Kenya is there for every enthusiast.

Such diversity of safari locations allows us to plan a safari itinerary at any time of year no matter the season. For example, the Masaai Mara might be best during the famous wildebeest migration, but Samburu is best during the dry months when hundreds of Elephants come to enjoy the water of the Ewaso Ng’iro River.

All our guides are experienced bush guides, so you can combine an Mt Kenya Trek with a safari and be hosted by the same guide. A safari is a must do in Kenya and we can arrange a tailor made package combined with any other activity of your choice, be it trekking, fly fishing or sea kayaking. Alternatively we can arrange a privately guided, exclusive, luxury safari of Kenya.

Please get in touch to discuss the various options to create your personal tailor made itinerary.

Safari 1. 3 weeks – Masaai Mara, Mt Kenya glacial travel, Sarara camp, Sea Kayaking

Safari 2. 2 weeks – Ragati conservancy, Olpejeta, Tsavo, Deep sea fishing