Recommended Reading

  • No picnic on Mt Kenya, Felice Benuzzi, 1989

The famous story of Italian prisoners who escaped to climb Mt Kenya, aided by the services of Jack Wright, a local Butcher and grandfather to African Ascents director Julian Wright. A superb piece of Mt Kenya’s great history.

  • A guide to Mt Kenya and Kilimanjaro, Ian Allen

A great climber and close friends guide to Mt Kenya and Kilimanjaro, showing all the technical climbing routes on Mt Kenya, descriptions of all the trekking routes as well as history and information on the Flora and Fauna.

  • Hill Walking: The Official Handbook second edition, Steve Long, 2004

A mountain leaders handbook, demonstrates all the skills of navigation, first aid, equipment and packing. A great reference for any budding mountaineer.

  • The Ascent of Everest, John Hunt, 1953

The story of the greatest expedition in the history of mountaineering. An epic story.

  • The Safari companion, Richard Estes, 1999

All the information you need on Kenyans wildlife.

  • River Fishing: The complete guide, Peter Lapsey, 2003

A guide to all the skills required to be an expert fly fisherman

  • A history of the East African coast, Charles Cornelius. 2013

A special history of the great Swahili coast and how a culture was created from a wealth of traders from all over the world.

  • Zanzibar and the Swahili coast, Mary Fitzpatrick, 2008

A great attempt to out the beauti of the Swahili coast in to words.

  • Sea Kayaking: Rough Waters, Alex Mathews, 2007

This book helps learn to paddle more safely and with more confidence! Whether your interest is in paddling more challenging conditions, or in learning new skills and concepts that will boost your confidence for sheltered paddling.

  • On Gods Mountain: Story of Mt Kenya, Brian Tetley, 1991

Long before mankind’s earliest ancestors lived in the Great Rift Valley two or three million years ago, Mount Kenya was born in the tumultuous movements that shaped the side of eastern Africa. This is the story of Mount Kenya from its formation to the present day.

  • Mountaineering: The freedom of the Hills, 2010

Considered a bible to mountaineering.