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Nelion Climbing season 2016

Written by Tom Gregory Wednesday, August 17th, 2016 Posted in News

The end of 2015 and start of 2016 saw African Ascents begin the climbing and trekking season on Mt Kenya. We were grateful that the calendar was full and both of the company directors, Julian Wright and Tom Gregory, were ready for the work load ahead.

At the end of the year we had several expeditions to Point Lenana, a notable trip for Tom was Colin Danvers and his 2 sons, they trekked the Timau route to Point Lenana. Despite the start of the trek being a wash out, the weather did clear up and the group made the summit. Colin, who has lived in Kenya for many years was emotional on the summit as it had been a long term dream of his to summit this mountain with his kids.

The climbing season also began with several guests who had signed on to our ‘Fit for Mt Kenya’ challenge. During December these groups continued with their rock climbing training at Hells Gate National Park and Dragons Teeth, Aberdares.

January hit and it seemed that Julian and Tom were spending more time on Nelion than at home. The season was extremely successful with a 90% summit success. This was due to the fantastic efforts put in by everyone who attempted the South Ridge to Nelion and not to mention some great climbing weather.

Below is a list of the groups:

  • Dave Keating and Julian Murdoch – Nelion – turned round at Ballies bivy (injury related)
  • Selina Dicker – Batian via Gates of Mist – achieved Nelion and descended due to high winds
  • Bill Russo (CEO McKinsey Kenya) and group (inc son) – Nelion – Mission accomplished
  • Johan Bourgstam (Swedish Ambassador) – Batian via Gates of Mist – Mission accomplished
  • CP – Batian via Gates of Mist – Mission accomplished
  • Sheehan and Bro’s – Nelion – 3 of 4 summit Nelion (1 no summit due to illness)
  • Tom Morton and Daniel Szlapak – Nelion – Mission Accomplished
  • Jeremy Wyatt and Ed Hough – Nelion – Mission Accomplished
  • Mt Kenya Trust Fund Raiser team (7 climbers) – Batian – 3 on Batian 4 on Nelion