The Ruwenzori Mountains is the only other snow caped mountain in Africa along with Mt Kenya and Mt Kilimanjaro. Found on the southern tip of Uganda near to the plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Standing at 5,109 metres (16,760 ft) it is the third highest of these three great mountains. Yet the Ruwenzori’s is the least discovered and certainly the least climbed. It is out there waiting to be discovered.

Aptly, this mountain is known as ‘The Mountains of The Moon’. It was given this name in the early days of British exploration because it is always covered in mist and cloud, creating a mystical presence, you will very rarely see the summit from the base.

The Ruwenzori’s are also famous for holding the largest number of glaciers in Africa, there is far more ice here than Mt Kenya and Kili put together. These glaciers are reseeding much slower than those of its neighbours, so within a few years this could be the home of the last ice on the equator. The great ice fields provide every mountaineer a chance for some rare exploration and new African challenges.

1.3.1. African Ascents is currently working on developing a new expedition to the Ruwenzori’s. We aim to carry out a detailed recce in the near future to create a 6 – 7 day itineraries for amateur and experienced mountaineers. One itinerary will involve a trekking summit, the other, for the more experienced mountaineers, a glacial travel expedition. Once more experience has been gained on the mountain African Ascents hope to be able offer tailor made expeditions including ice climbing and technical alpine climbing.

If anyone has an interest in the Ruwenzori’s please make contact and we can currently offer a recce style trip between 10 days and 2 weeks of exploratory mountaineering.