To ensure that you are adequately protected for your trip you should seek appropriate travel insurance specific to the activity that you are undertaking. For all our mountain expeditions, technical or trekking, you should ensure that your travel insurance package takes you up to and above 5000m altitude. Many basic travel insurance packages do not go this high in altitude. For all low-level rock-climbing packages please ensure that the activity is covered.

It is a requirement for all our guests to have travel insurance cover as part of our booking conditions.

In case of emergency please ensure that your travel insurance provider will cover the cost of any medial or helicopter rescue without prior notification. Many insurance providers require them to agree before rescue is called for. Given the remote location and lack of communication in the mountains this may not be possible.


Local Kenya providers


World Wide providers

Travelex – Travel Insurance for trekkers and mountaineers, check the latest package available covers your activity

STA Travel – Travel Insurance to 5,000m for trekking and other activities

BMC – British Mountaineering Council

AAC – Austrian Alpine Club, yearly membership provides medical evacuation from any mountain in the world, double check the terms and conditions