Kenya, with such diverse environments, is a superb country to enjoy fly fishing. Cast your carefully chosen fly into the crystal clear waters in lakes at 3000 meters above sea level, on Mt Kenya or in the Aberdare’s National Park, or into its rivers in the Montane Forests on Mt Kenya’s lower slopes. The setting of such incredible fly fishing is breathtaking, views as far as the eye can see and flora and fauna endemic to the area. There is also the chance to see wildlife recovering from the edge of extinction. We have exclusive access to the Ragati Conservation area in one of Mt Kenya’s Montane forests. This conservation area protects the very rare Bongo.

Mt Kenya’s Lakes and Rivers hold Rainbow and Brown trout of varying sizes. Our record catch to date is approx. 4 lb on the Ragati River. The average catch at Lake Alice, at 3000 meters, is 2.5 lb. Trout are not indigenous to Kenya; however they have thrived in the cold waters at high altitude. Several fisheries surrounding Mt Kenya and the Aberdare’s produce fingerlings and we work in partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service and Kenya Fishers department to stock the lakes and rivers to keep trout numbers up.

Top off an unforgettable experience with a trip to on the Kenya coast where, in between relaxing you can enjoy deep sea fishing, with the chance to catch Marlin, Sailfish and Tuna, some of which can be done on the fly. Our highly experienced and internationally qualified guides will provide the trip of a life time, tailor made to suit you.

Please get in touch for your tailor made itinerary. All trips are exclusive to your group and come with a high level of service and comfort. Our mobile or permanent camps are designed to nestle into its environment with only the first class top quality equipment. Good quality fishing is the focus, combined with comfort and luxury as a priority.

Our fly fishing camps are:

Our mobile mountaineering camp uses equipment specially designed for the mountain environment which gives guests the opportunity to access the high altitude lakes and tarns . Through vast experience and knowledge of only the best mountaineering gear, we have sourced top quality mountain tents, sleeping mats, tables and chairs and cooking equipment. Our Mountain Hardware Trango III tents are commonly seen at Everest base camp and are coupled with Exped down filled air beds, designed to keep guests warm and comfortable in any weather conditions. This is also a great opportunity for you to experience and use the finest mountaineering gear on the market. We prove a high level of service, including hot showers and a gourmet menu at every meal.
The Ragati Log Cabin is a newly built log cabin nestled into the forest amongst the huge Cedar and Podo trees, with running water, electricity, log fire, kitchens and bathrooms, it provides a real home from home feeling. There really isn’t anything else like it in Kenya. Sky Camp, in the Ragati Conservancy, is a totally unique camp set up in the canopy of the trees. Tents known as tensile tents are attached to the trees high up for a unique nights sleep. With the safety of height you can come superbly close to buffalo passing underneath and if you really lucky a glimpse of the rare bongo. Rutundu – Two log cabins set next to Lake Rutundu high up in the moorland on Mt Kenya with good access to Lake Alice and ultimately Lake Elice.
Rhino Retreat is a comfortable house set at high altitude in the Montane Forest on the edge of the Moorland Zone. Surrounded by Buffalo, Elephant and beautiful Colobus Monkey, it is truly an amazing setting. The luxury service includes, hot showers, a gourmet menu, comfortable warm beds and luxury furnishings.

Lakes and Tarns

Mount Kenya is a world class fly fishing location; it has been believed this for decades since the British decided to stock the high altitude lakes and tarns on the upper slopes of the moorland. The Kenya Wildlife Service continues to stock the lakes and tarns with Brown and Rainbow Trout, and the fishing is […]

Mt Kenya, Ragati

The Ragati Conservancy has been formed in liaison with the Kenya Forestry Service (KFS) and covers an area of some 8,000 hectares on the southern slopes of Mt Kenya. Unique in Kenya, the Conservancy consists of primarily Afro-Montane Forest, includes the Ragati River and its tributaries and is home to an abundance of wildlife; Elephant, […]

Fishing on the Coast

The Kenya Coast is some of the best fishing in the world, the different seasons and tropical waters provide the perfect feeding grounds for Marlin, Sailfish and Tuna, amongst others. You can get offshore on a purpose built deep sea fishing boat skippered by experienced and qualified guides, or, get out on one of our […]


The Aberdares is a Mountain Range in a National Park run by the Kenya Wildlife Service, the environment is very similar to that of Mt Kenya, but is has a larger area of Forest. It is this forest that contains large numbers of Elephant and Buffalo, as well as many other species. The Mountain is […]