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‘FIT FOR MT KENYA’ – The South Ridge to Nelion

Written by Tom Gregory Tuesday, May 26th, 2015 Posted in News

In January 2015 African Ascents launched its first ‘Fit for Mt Kenya’ Challenge for the The Capital Club East Africa. This is the greatest mountaineering and fitness challenge in East Africa. Comprised of 3 stages, Fitness, Rock Climbing, and a Technical Alpine Ascent of Nelion (5,188m) on Mt Kenya via the South East Ridge.

3 members of The Capital Club signed their lives away and began training in January, Jeenal Shah, Kirat Bharbara and Johan Borgstam. They completed 8 hour sessions in an indoor rock climbing facility (Blue Sky) in Nairobi, a weekend away on real rock at Hells Gate National Park, as well as 2 months in the gym.

On the 27th of February the group began the 6 day expedition up Mt Kenya, with superb weather and some glacial training they attacked the summit of Nelion on the 4th of March, led by guides Tom Gregory and Julian Wright. It was a fantastic summit attempt, successfully completed by Johan Borgstam, the Swedish Ambassador.