“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing” ~ Sir Rannulph Fiennes

Please contact African Ascents with any questions related to equipment. It is very important to have the correct equipment for extreme environments. African Ascents is willing to provide advice or hire out equipment if required.

Quantity Item
1 Waterproof Jacket (Gore-Tex, Pore-Tex etc.)
1 Water Proof Trousers  
1 Umbrella (optional, it can be very useful and every porter has one!)
1 Down Jacket (optional)
1 Warm Fleece top (add a second if don’t have a down jacket)
1 Hiking Trousers
1 Hiking Shorts
3 Breathable T-Shirts
1 Base Layer Tops (breathable under layer)
1 Base Layer Bottoms (Breathable long Johns)
3 Hiking Socks (warm)
1 Warm Hat (balaclava/beanie etc..)
1 Warm Insulated Gloves
1 Head Torch
1 Spare Batteries
1 Sun Hat
1 3 Season Sleeping Bag (must be rated to -15 Degrees C)
1 Sleeping Bag Liner (optional)
1 Fleece Pillow Case (optional)
1 Hiking Boots (Gore Tex)
1 Sun cream (SPF 30+)
1 Lip Balm (SPF 15+)
1 40Ltr to 60Ltr+ Ruck Sack  
1 Camera and Spare Batteries
1 Dry bag liner or Bin liner (water proofs personal gear in ruck sack)
Personal toiletries.