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Out to enjoy a good walk

Written by Tom Gregory Thursday, March 9th, 2017 Posted in News

Steve and Chris Taylor enjoyed a 5 day trek on Mt Kenya with a difference. Their aim was not to reach the summit but to enjoy the beauty of a unique mountain environment on the equator.

The Taylor’s are experienced walkers from the United Kingdom who enjoy their trekking, they did not come to Kenya to push themselves at high altitude, so we created a flexible itinerary that suited their needs. This was made possible through qualifications and experience. Matt Glenn, the UIAA mountaineering guide was able to use his experience to adjust the itinerary depending on how the Taylors were feeling, thus creating a comfortable trek that allowed them to soak up the beauty of this great mountain.

The route choice was the Chogoria Route 5 day, however after the stunning Lake Michaelson the Taylor’s diverted away from the direction of summit point Lenana and headed east down the Mackinder’s Valley.

It shows that big mountains are not only for the super fit with ideas of pushing the limits. Trekkers and walkers alike can enjoy this unique ecosystem in Kenya.