Blenhiem Bomber

Written by Tom Gregory Tuesday, January 31st, 2017 Posted in News

Last year African Ascents supported the British Army and Gert Opperman in a Mission to find a crashed Blenhiem Bomber. The plane crashed on the Southern Slopes of Mt Kenya after the 2nd World War.

The mission, funded and organised by the Opperman foundation, was to find the plane and recover any mortal remains that could be found. These remains were to be returned to the families for an official burial. Any important memorabilia was also to be collected for restoration and display.

A group of 12 headed off, this group was comprised of Gert (the organizer), Monet (niece to a member of the planes crew), Danny (the cameraman), Tom Gregory (mountaineer and African Ascents Director), 3 British Army including Tomo (the planner) a Medic and a Helicopter Landing specialist, 2 African Ascents porters and 2 KWS rangers. We were working off GPS coordinates supplied by 2 past groups who had seen the crash site. The bush was so thick and hard going that a camp was established for the first night not far from the crash site GPS.

The second day saw us head to what was believe to be the best set of GPS coordinates we had. On arrival at the coordinates we searched and search to find nothing. Te groups was down and the call was made to leave as we were short on water and food. On heading through the thick bush we came across upon the crash site. Low on water the British Army helicopters flew in a resupply, this was a life saver and it allowed us to search for the remains.

Unfortunately no remain were found, the site is now declared a grave and the families of the deceased are happy in this knowledge.

We did however recover several items of memorabilia including 2 Browning guns that would have been mounted to the plane.

An amazing achievement by all involved.