Adventure For Rhinos

Written by Julian Wright Tuesday, April 16th, 2019 Posted in Article

Let’s Adventure for Rhinos!

February 1-12, 2020

Come take part in a 12-day, multi-sport adventure dedicated to the conservation of rhinos. On this ‘safari’, you will ride a mountain bike through conservancies that are dedicated to the conservation of Kenya’s remaining black and white rhino populations; enjoy custom game safaris; walk through the Kenyan bush; participate in rhino tracking; climb Kenya’s tallest mountain, and learn about conservation in the Laikipia landscape. This adventure of a lifetime is an exclusive, personalized trip that will gain you behind-the-scenes access to rhino conservation.

Your participation will directly contribute to the Rhino Revival Fund, a fund dedicated to the future of rhino and wildlife conservation in Laikipia, Kenya. Explore the allure of Kenya – meet its people, experience the landscape and its wildlife – and become a key contributor in wildlife conservation!

For more information check out: https://www.adventureforrhinos.org/

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