African Ascents has been in operation since 2012. The focus of the company is to create a unique trekking experience, first class guided technical climbing and professional rock-climbing experiences. Our expedition options are mainly focused around Mt Kenya and other locations within Kenya. Outside of Kenya we focus on Mt Kilimanjaro and the Himalayas. Our plan with the Himalayas is to take mountaineers from Africa to experience this mountain range. We aim to later run expeditions to The Ruwenzori’s and the Atlas Mountains.

The company was the creation of Julian Wright and Tom Gregory. Both experienced trekkers and climbers living on the slopes on Mt Kenya. Mt Kenya is a fantastic mountain for all types of mountaineers, trips can be designed around the specific requirements of each individual group. However, what makes Mt Kenya unique is the technical climbing, this is the best technical alpine climbing in Africa. Julian and Tom wanted to tell this to the world, and to let them know that this type of climbing is accessible to everyone with the right attitude and training.

Why Travel with African Ascents

African Ascents trips are guided by guides with the appropriate qualifications or experience. We have a very good safety record. This is in part related to Julian’s training and qualifications in mountaineering and medical. Julian is also part of the Mt Kenya rescue team, which he regularly trains and advises. Julian is also the only member of the rescue team trained and experienced in long line rescue from a helicopter.

Acclimatisation is key to success in the mountains. Mt Kenya is a very steep mountain in relation to the distance from the road head to the summits. We aim to follow the altitude gain limits whilst monitoring our customers closely for signs and symptoms of altitude related illness. Everyday there is a debrief and blood O2 levels are recorded.

Quality and Service in the Mountains

We offer 3 levels of service depending on budget and the experience each individual group requires. Some groups want to be looked after in luxury whilst some groups are looking to be more self-sufficient.  VIP is our luxury service, we also have a mid-service and a Hut to Hut budget experience.

CAMP – We only use specific mountaineering equipment for safety. The VIP service includes and wood burning stove for the ultimate in comfort, which is enjoyed sitting on our lightweight mountaineering chairs.

FOOD – A good nutritious diet is another key to success. Our three course evening meals will get even those not hungry eating. You can’t eat too much in the mountains, this keeps the group strong and avoids symptoms of AMS. We take pride in a good quality menu which will always include cooked breakfasts, picnic lunches and 3 course evening meals.  Tea and Coffee is always available in camp.

PORTER TEAM – Our carefully selected porter teams are there to look after you, carry your kit and move the camp. Also included in every team is group cook, head porter and guide.

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